marrakech | 2018


Join us for a magical experience discovering Marrakech through food and shopping in the ancient souks of the old city. It’s a labyrinth of amazement with sights, sounds and smells you have to experience to believe.

We will stay in a gorgeous traditional Riad, take cooking classes and learn to prepare delicious tagines and old-world breads. Incredible experiences, like a sunrise hot air balloon ride await you!

sample itinerary
Dates: April 23-29, 2018 (6 nights) SOLD OUT
Dates: October 21-26, 2018 (5 nights) SOLD OUT
*This retreat available for your private group (8-10 guests), to inquire about dates:


arrivals  •  Tour of the villa, get settled
dinner  •  At El Fenn rooftop


breakfast  •  at El Fenn rooftop
activity  •  A guided tour through the famed Moroccan Souk
lunch  •  Le Jardin
activity  •  Visit Ben Yousef Mosque / Hammam
dinner  •  Local Morrocan Tagine


breakfast  •  At El Fenn
activity  •  Morroccan Cooking class in the Medina
lunch  •  Eat what we prepare in class
activity  •  Rug market / Swimming
dinner  •  Night market food tour


breakfast  •  At El Fenn
activity  •  YSL Garden & Museum visit
lunch  •  Women’s empowerment training center
activity  •  Palace visit
dinner  •  Beldi Country Club


breakfast  •  Hot Air Balloon ride & traditional Morrocan breakfast
activity  •   Hammam/ Beldi Souk
lunch  •  Beldi Country Club/ Café des Epices
activity  •  Swimming
dinner  •  Onsite


breakfast  •  Poolside
activity  •  Morroccan Cooking class in a Garden of Palmaraie
lunch  •  Eat what we prepare in class
activity  •  Souk / Swimming
dinner  •  Onsite


breakfast  •  Beldi Country Club
farewell  •  Departures

Airfaire not included.

All airport transfers and transportation during week is included.

All meals included in your reservation.

All activities included in your reservation minus spa experiences (hammam)